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(preposition) An example of other than is a stay at home mom saying that asid over and above that. what is more. what's more. not to mention. on top of everything. be that as it may.

Other than or other then

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Definition of other than in the Idioms Dictionary. other than phrase. What does other than expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. There is no other word that can fill the role of than. However, in I drove to the bank and then went to the store the word then can be substituted by subsequently, to name one example. Which word is correct in these examples?

Then `Umar said to `Ali and `Abbas, "I beseech you by Allah, do you both know that?" They said, "Yes.

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None other than is the correct phrase for example: we saw a lady by the road, it was none other than Johns mum. Sometimes this phrase is used when something is a surprise or unexpected. Again for example: I stood on a sharp object, it was none other than the ring I had lost two weeks ago.

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Other than or other then

Compared to its progenitor, Swedish grammar is much less characterized by This -s genitive functions more like a clitic than a proper case and is nearly identical to the possessive suffix used in English. Another instance of -e for all persons is the plural forms and definite forms of  Other than that, really good hostel with activities everyday, and an own night The kitchen was a bit warm but other then that it was defenetly one of the best  Do you want to bring with you memories from your study time other than just points and exams? Then you should join us in Rindi Voices! Come and learn the  Click here to find out more about investing in BrewDog. more Swedish Equity Punks than from any other European country.

Other than or other then

I felt a complete feeling of happiness throughout my whole being. there wasa group of young people who had nothing better to do other than join us. wild, summer flowers, and then on we went along winding, country lanestowardsthe sea. Whilst in the fourth there was another of the great furry dogs. There was no danger in jumping down to a fox, but it was quite another matter to go into a pit with no less than two wolves.
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Other than or other then

I poured a glass of juice and then sat down to eat. First I’ll drink my orange juice, then eat my bagel. You’ll also use then in if … then constructions. If I drink too much orange juice, then I won’t have room for a bagel.

For instance, “I was there then.” Is it ”Other than” or “Other then”? The correct answer is “other than,” and it means “except for” or “besides.” There is no such thing as “other then,” and it is incorrect to use it.
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What is the most universally disgusting smell to humans? — Lizzie in  17 Jan 2018 Mosaic plagiarism, Combining text and ideas from different sources To be a wilderness then was to be 'deserted,' 'savage,' 'desolate,'  These activities, in addition to medical ones (for example, hemodialysis, dental procedures), are commonly referred to as “other uses” of water. The Many Uses of  If the real costs for a product in storage declared by a Member State and used in the calculation referred to in paragraph 3 are more than twice the arithmetic  Svensk översättning av 'other than' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler översättningar från engelska till svenska gratis online. dessutom {adv.} besides (även: additionally, also, further, furthermore, in addition, likewise, moreover, then, too, in addition to). av C Truelson · 2017 · Citerat av 1 — Adverbials are more flexible regarding position in sentences than order in relation to each other, beginning with the subject, then the verb, which is followed by. Taru Happosen yksityisnäyttelyssä Other-than-human ympäristö näyttäytyy Humans and their creations will then not stand out from the rest of the environment. I ”Other than human” får sju personer möta roboten Alex i en förtrolig och intim föreställning.